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Kollin L. Rice & Associates, Attorneys at Law is a Toledo, OH firm with the capacity to send and receive messages encrypted using the popular PGP encryption program.

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Although it has generally been our experience that regular e-mail is a secure enough medium for most communications, a lawyer sometimes deals with very sensitive information which warrants a high level of security. To provide for such situations, we have now put into place a system which enables clients to communicate with us in a highly secure manner by means of (1) Writing their message; (2) Encrypting that message using PGP and our Public Key; (3) Emailing a message to us indicating that an encrypted message is being sent and denoting the format in which the message was originally, for ease in translation; (4) Sending the encrypted file as an attachment.

We then will download the attachment, decode it with our version of PGP, and read the message.

Obviously, this process is somewhat cumbersome, and, as such, is only preferred in situations where very sensitive information is changing hands. It is asked that senders use some discretion accordingly.

Our Public Key is available through the normal PGP indexes, and, if you find it more convenient, can be downloaded from this site by clicking on the link below: