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A resource for legal research with a focus on sources frequently used by and or useful to our firm, and, by extension, anyone conducting research in similar fields. Most of the library consist of links to free sites where resources can be found. However, there are also a number of links to proprietary sites which may only be accessed by persons having appropriate clearance or passwords. The emphasis is, however on linking to free resources with maximum efficiency.


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justiceFederal Statutes and Regulations

General Legal Research Links

Legal Research Links Pages

United States Code

Internet Law Library


Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.)



House of Representatives Law Library

Cornell Legal Information Institute

FedLaw - A links page designed by the GSA for use of Federal Lawyers

United States Federal Courts



Federal Case Law



USDCNDOhio, includes electronic filing



Seated Justice - As appearing in the U.S. Capitol

Ohio Law

Anderson's Ohio Laws
Ohio Law
O.S.B.A. Home Page
ODAS Ohio Revised Code
Ohio Court Rules
Ohio Bar Association Case Law Research
Chase Law School Ohio Legal Resources Page
Findlaw Ohio Cases

Ohio Government Sites

Ohio Bureau of Unemployment Compensation Review Commission
Ohio Secretary of State

Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation

Proprietary Research Sites



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Toledo BladeThe Toledo Blade

AP Wire Service

Search AP Newswire Archives

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Wall Street Journal

Ohio Lawyers' Weekly

The Drudge Report

Other useful sites

Municipal Codes On Line

irsI.R.S. Forms

Michigan Law

Lucas County Treasurer

Lucas County On Line (Includes AREIS real estate information)

Toledo Municipal Court

The Toledo-Lucas County Public Library

Kelley Blue Book Used Car Values

Search for Federal Trademarks/Trademark Information


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