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Juvenile Law

Attorney Kollin L. Rice is an experienced Juvenile Law attorney. Please contact us if we can help you with your juvenile law matters.

Juvenile Law in Ohio includes 4 broad categories:

Representation of Juvenile Defendants in Delinquency Cases
Representation of Unmarried Parents and Non-parent Third Parties in Matters of Child Custody and Support
Representation of Parties in Cases Brought By the Children's Services Board
Matters Concerning the Civil Rights of Juveniles
Resources and Information to assist in understanding of juvenile law.

There are some similarities between Juvenile Law and Domestic Relations and Criminal Law, but in many cases there are distinct statutes and rules that apply in Juvenile Court.

The ACLU has published an informative series on the rights of Minors. Some of these are linked below:

Though I was unable to find a current link to the former ACLU article on Juvenile Rights On Questioning and Interrogation in School, Dave Mallon has put together a good article on the subject:

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